Hardware/Software Services

Integrated Systems and Technology Setup

  • Windows Preparation and Validation
  • At home and/or business services i.e. will drive to you if needed.
  • Remote on-demand service over the internet. i.e. a fast method if needed to remotely access a computer or mobile device.
  • Consultation on Software and Hardware installations
  • Software Licensing or consultation of solutions via free or open source alternatives.
  • Cloud Computing (remote drives, backup systems, etc…)
  • Full Security Setup – Antivirus/Firewall/Spyware
  • File Conversion
    – Microsoft Office Documents
    – Open Office Documents
    -Libre Office Documents
    – Music File conversion/backup/merge/split
    – Movie File conversion/backup/merge/split
    – Image Manipulation
    -Automated backup systems

Please Contact for other requirements/solutions.