Network Services

  • Installation of Wireless Networking (WiFi)
  • Wired Ethernet Networking (RJ45)
  • Custom RJ45 Ethernet Jacks, wires, ends, etc…
  • Power-line Ethernet setup: Networking using your home or business’s electrical system
  • Indoor and outdoor Webcam installation. Transmit images/clips to your email and/or website.
  • Sharing of Devices (Printers, Drives, Folders, Computers, Mobile Devices etc…) on a Local (LAN) or Wide area Network (WAN)
    Securing your connection for private use
    Extending the range of WiFi reception – wired or via access points and/or power-line.
  • Installation of Mobile WiFi such as sharing a connection while on the move via an EVDO, HSPA+, LTE connection (Cellular Network)
  • Rural installations where technology is limited – such as Satellite network sharing.
  • Cloud Computing via free and/or paid services readily available or simply ad-hoc with the drives/computers you have at home and/or the office.
  • Backup support over your network or over the web.
  • REMOTE SUPPORT: Ability to support a machine/router remotely.

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