Simple Method Website

Some customers are primarily looking for a personal Domain for their business, last name, interest, etc…

A landing page; or small website with About, Contact, etc.. is sometimes all that is needed to be found on the web.

The About page will take care of all of the “words” google, bing, yahoo, etc… need for their search engines.

Plain and simple, a landing page is key for people to find you, your business. services, etc… and does not have to be complicated.

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Do you really need a website?

As an X-Gener i.e. when living prior to the internet, we relied on visible/physical advertising or word of mouth.

Slowly came email, the internet, then the dot-com bust…. alas, the internet is here to stay.

The newer generations tend to navigate to the Social platforms.

Unfortunately, social platforms sometimes dictate content. 

It is easy top hop onto Facebook, free hosting services, etc… but these platforms continually change or “Free” becomes paid.

Make your site yours : Me@MySite.tld

With MySite.tld, you get:

  • Complete Control over your domain
  • Multiple Email Addresses @MySite.tld
  • Email Redirects such as TextMe@MySite.tld forwarded to multiple email addresses or even a cell phone service.
  • Your own content and/or sub-content such as Summer.MySite.tld, Winter.MySite.tld or BLOG.MySite.tld, eCommerce.MySite.tld.
  • No need to email everyone that your email address has changed.
  • … and so on….
  • This is the perfect way to Brand Yourself and/or your interests.

Theme and Graphic Design

These steps usually are the longest steps. Essentially, looking for the perfect match for your logo, colour desire, general layout, etc… Your personal ‘look and feel’ (THEME) you want to call your own…

With the frameworks we use, such as with the WordPress or Drupal Frameworks, there are many themes to choose from, most of which are free and with the ability to modify to suit your needs.

Some of the Key Components to this step are:

  • Graphic style
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Layout
  • Logos
  • Navigation

NOTE: In most cases, selecting a desirable theme facilitates this key step.

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