Do you really need a website?

As an X-Gener i.e. when living prior to the internet, we relied on visible/physical advertising or word of mouth.

Slowly came email, the internet, then the dot-com bust…. alas, the internet is here to stay.

The newer generations tend to navigate to the Social platforms.

Unfortunately, social platforms sometimes dictate content. 

It is easy top hop onto Facebook, free hosting services, etc… but these platforms continually change or “Free” becomes paid.

Make your site yours : Me@MySite.tld

With MySite.tld, you get:

  • Complete Control over your domain
  • Multiple Email Addresses @MySite.tld
  • Email Redirects such as TextMe@MySite.tld forwarded to multiple email addresses or even a cell phone service.
  • Your own content and/or sub-content such as Summer.MySite.tld, Winter.MySite.tld or BLOG.MySite.tld, eCommerce.MySite.tld.
  • No need to email everyone that your email address has changed.
  • … and so on….
  • This is the perfect way to Brand Yourself and/or your interests.

Long overdue update

The Skinny…

Norgo has been on many platforms and various functions that have changed over the years.

From DOS Basic, to dBase, to Clipper, ….

Onto Visual Basic,….

PHP CMS Drupal 6,7,8

and now Norgo is on WordPress 5; more details to come, but the skinny…. there is too much readily available on WordPress to get a site up and going quickly and efficiently, not to mention having an intuitive interface for editing content and allowing others to collaborate.

This update was long overdue!